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Welcome to Lóa Restaurant

Choose our "NO MENU" Buffet for 6.990 ISK, right on the Heart of Downtown Reykjavík , For an experience that goes beyond the traditional.

Our "NO MENU" restaurant is not just a place to dine. it's an immersion into the unexpected, an invitation to redefine your culinary expectations.



In the culinary landscape of 2024,

Lóa Restaurant appears reinvented by two pioneers.
The "No Menu" Concept,  is simple yet profound:

To create a restaurant that Breaks with the traditional "A LA Carte" Menu, and brings a homemade touch to your plate, emphasizing full flavor and a healthy lifestyle.

The Fusion

Rooted in our Mediterranean heritage, we honor the richness of its ingredients and specific diet.

However, our location in Iceland compels us to embrace the best local ingredients. Lóa is a fusion, a harmonious blend of our geographical setting, the diverse backgrounds of our chefs, and the myriad influences accumulated through years of experience in various cuisines.

Environmental Commitment

Zero Waste

At Lóa, we go beyond the ordinary.

Our dedication to the environment and a commitment to zero waste principles have given rise to a delightful buffet, culminating in the essence of our "NO MENU" restaurant.

We believe that every dish should not only satisfy your taste buds but also contribute to a sustainable future.

Book your table

Step into a culinary realm where tradition meets innovation and the unexpected is celebrated.

Book your table at Lóa for an experience that transcends the ordinary. 

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